Rippe Associates is a nationwide consultant offering a range of services to help successful foodservice operations. Since its founding in 1981, Rippe has focused on understanding the unique culture and needs of each client and their project goals. Through a collaborative process, we provide expertise and creative solutions, while asking questions and soliciting client feedback.  We use the diverse backgrounds of our 27 staff members, ranging from operations to construction, and the experience gained from hundreds of successful projects, to develop personalized solutions. Our work in multiple segments, including education, healthcare and hospitality, is shared across our teams to the benefit of all projects. As independent consultants, we can represent the best interests of our clients. Rippe is well-regarded for crafting high quality operational solutions for the global foodservice community. From master planning through design, to operational assessments and implementation guidance, Rippe delivers Kitchens that work ™.

We are an independent consulting firm and are professional members of Foodservice Consultants Society International (FCSI). We work with equipment manufacturers but do not sell equipment and fund our education internally. This approach allows us to maintain our objectivity to evaluate equipment to determine the best option for your project.