Management Consulting

Campus Master Plan Analysis (College & University)
10-Year Overall Budget and Capital Investment Assessment
Full Operation Evaluation and Integration Timeline
Style of Service Analysis and Integration Timeline
Systems Utilization Analysis and Integration Timeline
Self-Operation vs. Contract Management Evaluation
RFP Design Evaluation

Organizational Structure Analysis
    Evaluate organizational staff structure and plans for facility changes
Financial Performance Study
    High-level analysis of food, labor, fixed costs, and profitability; identify control opportunities
Meal Plan Analysis (College & University)
    Assess meal plans, customer perceptions, and opportunities 
Retail Demand Analysis
    Examine current and potential retail operation, customer perceptions, and opportunities 
Operations Performance Evaluation
    Assess foodservices overall for areas of improvement
Capacity and Future Needs Analysis
    Evaluate overall foodservice operations capacity/align with future goals

Food Cost Analysis
    Assess where food cost savings and enhanced controls could occur
Procurement Study
    Analyze current contracts to identify opportunities for updating or revising
RFP Design and Proposal Analysis
    Evaluate current contracts and identify opportunities for revising

Central Production Analysis
    Assess current or potential production centralization
Menu Evaluation Analysis
    Examine current menus and identify potential opportunities
Labor Utilization Assessment
    Assess labor costs and identify savings opportunities
Systems Utilization Analysis
    Assess technology systems effectiveness in foodservice operations
Service Style Analysis
    Evaluate impact on production of current and proposed service styles

Off-Campus Retail Evaluation (College & University)
    Analyze current on-campus retail and potential off-campus operations, and competition
Labor Utilization Analysis
    Assess labor allocation effectiveness and cost savings potential
Retail Concept Development
    Design retail venue from conception to implementation
Catering Services Evaluation
    Analyze catering program effectiveness and efficiency
Service Style Analysis
    Evaluate impact on operations of current and proposed service styles
Merchandising Assessment
    Evaluate locations of food products and display methods to maximize sales
Customer Satisfaction Survey
    Assess various customer dining experiences