Best Buy - Corporate Campus

Bloomington, Minnesota


February 2003


New Cafeteria

The objective was to provide a wide variety of high quality menu options at a good value. The campus initially opened with 5,500 employees, with long range plans for 7,500. The dining room has 850 seats. Menu selections include: grill, Latino, Asian, comfort food, sauté, Italian, salad bars, soup bars, specialty salads, specials bar, beverage counters, grab-n-go, desserts/bakery, coffee, hot sandwiches, deli, plus condiments, flatware and napkin area.

A special feature of the space is the bakery which is open to the cafeteria. Baked items are prepared, displayed, and served fresh daily in full view of the patrons. There are plans for a satellite deli at the opposite end of the commons area when the campus is fully staffed.