Conagra - Culinary Center of Excellence

Omaha, Nebraska


December 2004

Serving Kitchen

This facility included a number of areas designed to accommodate several different functions. The central demonstration kitchen gives the ConAgra corporate chefs a high-end space to do cooking demonstrations for clients and corporate staff. The center island Waldorf range accommodates hands-on training of clients. The area was designed with high equipment at the perimeter providing good sight lines for observers and cameras which transmit the chef’s activities to monitors for guests.

The finishes in this space were selected to reflect the Center’s image of excellence. From quartz counter-tops on black enameled cabinets to brass accent hardware and a stone hearth oven, the materials are durable yet attractive.

The facility also includes a commercial kitchen test lab that allows ConAgra staff to work side-by-side with corporate chefs from the restaurant industry. This kitchen is designed with hoods and a utility distribution system that can accommodate any type of equipment the restaurant may use to allow accurate testing of ConAgra’s food products.

Other areas included were central storage and warewashing facilities, as well as several residential test labs.