Duluth Public High Schools

Duluth, Minnesota


June 2011

6,000 Students

Foodservice Renovation & Expansion for:
Denfeld High School
East High School

The Duluth School District’s long-range facilities plan turned outdated kitchens into modern and comfortable eating spaces with fresh, good-looking food. The schools used to have their food cooked at former elementary and high school locations and shipped over daily, now each new school has the equipment and space to cook for their students.

The Denfeld High School cafeteria resembles a busy mall food court, with students clustered around booths and tables high and low stretching to a bank of windows at the far end of the room. Gone are the long, banquet-style tables, darkened interiors and endless lines.

The high schools each have a giant tilting skillet that allow for new menu items such as stir-fry, and the students disperse to various serving lines to choose among entrees, pizza, subs, fruits and vegetables. The lines of two allow for better flow, and they prevent bottlenecks allowing students more time to eat their meal.

Kitchen staff members at Denfeld, where there are two lunch periods, have timed how long it takes to move 300 students through the serving area. They’ve got it down to about 12 minutes. “That’s huge, for kids to be able to get their food and get their table and sit down and eat,” said JoAnn Norman, cafeteria manager at Denfeld. “The less time they spend in a line, the better.”