Great River Energy

Maple Grove, Minnesota


April 2008

300 Lunch Transactions

New Corporate Headquarters Cafeteria

Great River Energy built a new state-of-the-art energy efficient headquarters in a suburban setting surrounded by a thriving retail development. Their former cafeteria had an open kitchen, and they wanted to retain that open atmosphere with friendly customer interaction in their new facility. They also wanted to provide popular food offerings to compete with the abundance of nearby restaurants. We created an inviting cafeteria with an open kitchen offering a wide array of menu items with a salad bar, deli, display cooking in front of the customers and a wall of glass overlooking the pond. The dining area is a combination of flexible space so that tables can be removed to accommodate large crowds of up to 500 guests and still has a relaxing restaurant feel to it. In both the board room and conference/training areas, there is foodservice staging pantry and a public space for a luncheon buffet counter.

Great River Energy’s 166,000 square foot corporate headquarters is located on a 12.5-acre site in Maple Grove. With a strong focus on energy efficiency, the new office building adheres to environmentally sustainable building practices and received the 2009 Top Ten Green Projects Award and LEED Platinum status.