Marquette Hotel - Marq VII Bar

Minneapolis, Minnesota


January 2009

Bar Renovation & Expansion

The goals of the renovation of this downtown Minneapolis bar were to update the look to attract more of the high volume of pedestrians and to create a day/night bar, offering a quick breakfast in the morning and a place for guests to unwind in the evening. All of this was to be achieved with a limited budget, time frame and using the existing footprint and utilities.

The architect and interior designer achieved an updated look using materials and lighting that blended with the existing finishes and light fixtures. A feature detail includes back lit liquor displays that can be rotated to conceal the bottles during breakfast as well as secure the liquor during down times. Our charge was to create a completely self-contained bar, including ice making and soda system while maximizing the refrigeration, replacing the underbar and adding a coffee/espresso station.