Minnesota Correctional Facility - Lino Lakes

Lino Lakes, Minnesota




Central Foodservice Building Renovation

This project involved the complete renovation of the correctional facility‚Äôs central foodservice building, using a combination of centralized cafeteria-style dining, satellite bulk meals and insulated trays. The building includes secure warehouse-type storage with a system of rear-fed secure issue refrigerators. The kitchen side of the issue refrigerators had clear lexan doors to improve visual control. The large bakery area was designed to produce all of the bread, buns, rolls and desserts for the facility, it is estimated that they produce 700-800 loaves of bread each day. 

Pass-through warmers and refrigerators with positive latches separate the serving lines from the production area. Two parallel serving lines with screens to separate the servers from the diners, process inmates very quickly. The dishroom is centrally located to allow easy access from each dining area. A soiled tray return conveyor was utilized to prevent contact between the diners and the dishroom workers. 

Throughout this project, the objective was to maximize control and minimize the potential for conflict. Working closely with the Department of Corrections, we were able to develop a design that has met these objectives and serves as a model for the entire state.