Mount Carmel St. Ann’s Hospital

Westerville, Ohio


March 2013



New Foodservice Department
Room Service
Physicians Dining
Lobby Coffee Shop

As part of Project GRACE, St. Ann’s is investing $110 million to turn Mount Carmel into a full-service regional medical center. The kitchen and dining area was built in 1984, when the hospital had only 90 beds. With the expansion, the area tripled in size to offer patient room service and an upscale retail dining experience.

The department was renovated in place with temporary serving and trayline spaces set up inside the building with temporary outdoor trailers housing both dishroom and production areas. The old cafeteria layout was confusing and labyrinth-like, the new space now accommodates future growth and changing trends. An enhanced room service meal delivery system is used with ambassadors located on each nursing unit. The Bryden Bistro offers upscale salads, sushi, soups and sandwiches, freshly made bakery items, yogurt bar, brick pizza oven and gluten-free zone with desserts, snacks and breads. The culinary station features interchangeable equipment, providing flexibility to serve as a wok station or made to order omelets.

In addition to increased sales and customers, one of the most positive results is the pride the staff has in their space and subsequent high level of culinary
expertise displayed in the food they prepare. The result is better service, a high quality menu, and positive reaction to the new retail café and room service from
both hospital staff and patients. The average number of lunchtime transactions increased from 550 to 800-900. Dining expanded from 160 to 225 seats to accommodate lunchtime traffic with 3-½ turns. A barista staffed lobby coffee shop is also planned.