St. David’s Medical Center

Austin, Texas


March 2013

415 Occupied Beds
850-950 Peak Retail Transactions

Physicians Dining
Retail Renovation
Dishroom Renovation

This newly renovated space replaces a cafeteria that had become too packed over the lunch hour and was in need of a new design to serve its high volume of customers. Everything needed to be done within the existing space under a short timeline, with the goals of eliminating the institutional look, improving traffic flow and increasing variety through new retail stations and more display cooking. The Cafe at Barclay Park expects to see a 25-30% increase over their current 715 transaction volume and now seats 175 diners in a calm and relaxing environment.

The new stations include: hot food, grill, chef’s special, deli, pizza oven/Italian, grab-and-go, beverages and a self-service island with salad bar & daily specials. The chef’s special features interchangeable equipment which provides menu variety, transitioning from a wok station to sauté station and adds the ability to quickly adapt as new menu items are developed. The special’s bar is designed for flexibility to serve as an appetizer bar, taco bar or make-your-own sandwich. 

To increase display merchandising, we added deli display cases, open air screen refrigerators, a round grab ‘n go merchandiser and built in display doors in the porcelain tile walk-in. The pots and pans were moved from the kitchen to the dishroom for more efficient scrapping and dishwashing.

The 17 year old physicians dining was transformed from an institutional area into upscale dining with increased menu offerings provided through a self-service buffet. New counters and foodservice equipment are used to prepare hot food, soup, salad, desserts, beverages and grab & go items. Food is prepared in the main kitchen and transported to the area. Warming cabinets and refrigeration units maintain food temperatures. They now serve 200 meals per day.