University of California San Francisco

San Francisco, California


October 2010

705 Occupied Beds
2,500 Peak Retail Transactions

Retail Cafeteria Renovation
Coffee Shop

The existing cafeteria, last renovated in 1985, was space challenged for a large teaching university and had long queue lines at the peak service time. To alleviate this, the team decided on a minimal expansion into the dining room, adding more serving stations and a grab and go/quick service option outside the space. The team had a goal of 350-380 seats, which was still going to require a lot of take away meals. They also wanted to replace the offices, include vending and a small storage room to the dining room.

The team expected 2500 transactions or more at lunch, so processing customers through quickly was critical. The key to serving customers efficiently in the space that was available was queue management - offering menu items that are quick and easy to serve. The third solution to alleviate the congestion was to add a second retail venue, MC Express, a separate grab and go coffee shop/deli developed adjacent to the space and opened in 2009.

The plan included seven main entree stations: a comfort food station, focusing on quick service and larger batch cooking, while the lower volume times use a cook to order process; a grill station; self-serve grab and go sandwiches and wraps; self-serve toppings bar; sandwich items made-to-order; stone hearth oven offering pizzas, bread and other Italian specialties; self-serve soup and salad bar as well as a tossed-to-order salad station; and grab and go beverages and snacks.