University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Harper Dining Center

Lincoln, Nebraska


March 2006


New Marketplace

This project took an existing 1969 mirror image split dining room and two straight-line serving areas and converted it to a single larger dining space and large marketplace serving area with seven themed entree stations. Each station has its own look and feel consistent with the theme of the food served, repeated use of the same stone and wood creates a unifying theme throughout the space.

The 535 seat dining room is divided into three distinct spaces; a Sports Cafe themed area, a Fireside Cafe and a Courtyard. The renovated back-of-house space is divided into two levels with 5,000 square feet on the ground floor dedicated to storage, receiving, ingredient assembly and baking. The second floor includes 4,000 square feet of kitchen and warewashing and the 4,500 square foot Marketplace serving area.

This marketplace foodservice is designed to accommodate a peak meal volume of approximately 1,000 students and a total of 2,800 transactions per day.