University of North Dakota - Squires Hall

Grand Forks, North Dakota


October 2007


New Marketplace

This marketplace serving area accommodates 2800 students per day with an anticipated peak meal volume of 1,000. The total foodservice space of over 16,000 sq. ft. includes limited back of house production and storage space. Priority was given to creating display cooking stations within the serving area and designing an inviting dining room.

The serving area will accommodate a wide variety of menu concepts. The stations include: a pizza and pasta area, home cooking and rotisserie station, a grill counter, deli station with Panini grill, bakery and dessert displays, cereal, waffle, topping and condiment bars, and a large salad island featuring entree salads on one side. For students on the go, the Deli station backs up to an outside corridor for take-out meal service. Each station has its own personality consistent with marketplace design.