University of St. Thomas - Anderson Student Center

St Paul, Minnesota


January 2012


Residential Dining
Retail Dining
Convenience Store
Coffee Bar
Support Pantry

The new $66 million Anderson Student Center is home to 225,000-square-feet of dining, retail, recreation, meeting and lounge spaces. Foodservice resources were a major reason for the need for a new center. The previous dining facility was outdated in seating capacity, preparation and serving areas and mechanical features. In addition, the need for catering services increased greatly over the years. Enrollment is more than 5,900 undergraduate students, which is more than three times the population that the original facilities were designed to serve.

Anderson Student Center takes foodservice to the next level with even more choices – from casual dining to grab-and-go to an overhauled student-dining-room experience. Many sustainable strategies have been incorporated that enhance energy efficiency. The student center is seeking LEED Silver certification.

There are three major dining areas: The View Student Dining Center, T’s, and Scooter’s. The View is an on-trend dining destination featuring a ‘scatter-style’ layout with many new and diverse serving lines. Stations such as ‘Taste of Italy’’ features an open hearth pizza oven, and ‘Your Call!’, allows students to select fresh, local, and sustainable produce to be prepared right in front of them. Offerings also include international, deli, grill, and action stations, such as a stir-fry bar.

T’s offers a large deli, grilled items and a daily special. Foodservice workers are able to be more efficient with their services with the addition of a support kitchen, eliminating the need for food to be prepped in the main kitchen and transported from the second floor. Scooters is a large gathering space for the community, specializing in made to order pizzas, calzones and hot hoagies.

The Summit Marketplace’s C-Store focuses on healthy food choices in the grocery area and includes fresh produce, pre-made salads and gourmet sandwiches. The Loft offers smoothies, tea and coffee drinks.

According to St. Thomas’ food service director, Todd Empanger, the dining options are among the best offered by other colleges and universities. “The facilities are very student-friendly. With all the customized choices, there’s no reason there won’t be an option available for most people’s tastes.”